About Us!

We are a bunch of like minded software engineers. We first dipped our toes in digital marketing 8 years ago for our own startup ideas. One of the goal was to make sure we get the product market fit right from the start. To do this we needed contacts of prospect from technology companies. We did invested a lot of money to buy this during our early stages however the parameters which we were looking for was missing and also the quality of the data was not up to the mark. The quality of the leads impacted us more than the product itself! So we decided to take the issue into our own hands. We built a model for our own needs and we were able to generate better qualified leads who were happy to use our product!.

Now we are successful with multiple websites on various aspects of digital marketing. Our focus has always been the technology companies which offer integrations or plugins. Once of the struggles we had when we started is to get quality leads. Considering we are engineers, we started with automation and also ended up doing some of the lead qualifications manually.

All these years we have improvised this process step by step to improve the quality of the leads we have been generating. Currently we have data which we have mined for years and is being updated with the state-of-the-art infrastructure.

We realise this is a need for any startup or a sales person who is looking for growth. Hence we are sharing all the accumulated data which will certainly help you in achieving growth of your dreams.

Customer satisfaction is our motto. We strive to make sure the data provided to you is best of quality and will improve your sales growth considerably.

Be proud of your project!

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